Shell-code development


Nr URL Description Date Author OS/Arch Info
1 Exploit writing tutorial part 8 : Windows, x86-32 Egg Hunting 09-01-2010 corelanc0d3r Windows, x86-32 CVE-2009-3837
2 Windows Buffer Overflow Tutorial: An Egghunter and a Conditional Jump 13-02-2010 Stephen Bradshaw Windows, x86-32 CVE-2005-0338
3 Exploit notes – win32 eggs-to-omelet 22-08-2010 corelanc0d3r Windows, x86-32 N/A
4 Foxit Reader Stack Overflow Exploit – Egghunter Edition 14-11-2010 dookie2000ca Windows, x86-32 OSVDB-68648
5 Hack Notes : Ropping eggs for breakfast 12-05-2011 corelanc0d3r Windows, x86-32 N/A
6 An example of EggHunting to exploit CVE-2012-0124 06-07-2012 Juan Vazquez Windows, x86-32 CVE-2012-0124
7 Building shellcode, egghunters and decoders. 23-07-2015 bigendiansmalls Linux N/A


Nr URL Description Date Author OS/Arch Info
1 Understanding Windows Shellcode 12-06-2003 Matt (skape) Miller Windows, x86-32 N/A
2 Shellcoding for Linux and Windows Tutorial xx-06-2007 Steve Hanna Windows, x86-32/Linux N/A
3 Calling API Functions 05-08-2009 Stephen Fewer Windows, x86-32 N/A
4 Implementing a Windows, x86-32 Kernel Shellcode 05-11-2009 Stephen Fewer Windows, x86-32 N/A
5 Exploit writing tutorial part 9 : Introduction to Windows, x86-32 shellcoding 25-02-2010 corelanc0d3r Windows, x86-32 N/A
6 How to Create a Shellcode on ARM Architecture 25-11-2010 Jonathan Salwan ARM N/A
7 Windows x64 shellcode 11-01-2011 McDermott Windows, x86-64 N/A
8 Stack Based Buffer Overflow Tutorial, part 3 — Adding shellcode 09-03-2011 Stephen Bradshaw Windows, x86-32 N/A
9 Universal ROP shellcode for OS X x64 23-07-2011 pa_kt Mac OS X, x64 N/A
10 Yet another universal OSX x86_64 dyld ROP shellcode 30-07-2011 longld Mac OS X, x64 N/A
11 The Art of Win32 Shellcoding 06-02-2012 AmrThabet Windows, x86-32 N/A
12 64-bit Linux Shellcode 10-06-2012 Mark Loiseau Linux, x86-64 N/A
13 Fun with AIX Shellcode and Metasploit 20-11-2012 ? AIX N/A
14 Writing Optimized Windows Shellcode in C 16-08-2013 Matt Graeber Windows N/A

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