These are links to different blogs containing malware analysis.

Nr URL Title/Description
1 inREVERSE - malware analysis blog
2 A blog about automated threat analysis ... and the bad guys it targets
3 Threat analyses
4 "Another Blog, Another Box" - malware analysis blog
5 Contagio is a collection of the latest malware samples, threats, observations, and analyses.
6 McAfee - Archive for the 'Malware Research' Category
7 IT Security Research Blog: Reverse Engineering - Malware Analysis - Cryptography - Software Engineering - Software Security / Audit
8 "EVERYTHING OR NOTHING" - malware analysis blog
9 Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge
10 "Armorize Blog" - malware analysis blog
11 S21sec Security Blog
12 malware tracker
13 The Swiss Security Blog
14 Malware Diaries
15 Perpetual Horizon
16 Coding, Reversing, Exploiting
17 ESET Threat Blog
18 Malwares technical analysis from
19 BAE Systems security research blog
20 Malware Analysis Tutorials: a Reverse Engineering Approach


Malware analysis


Nr URL Title/Description Date
1 An analysis of conficker's logic and rendezvous points 19-03-2009
2 Know Your Enemy: Containing Conficker 07-04-2009
3 Stuxnet Under the Microscope 22-12-2010
4 TDL4 Analysis paper: a brief introduction and How to Debug It 08-01-2011
5 TDSS. TDL-4 25-01-2011
6 An overview of Rustock 19-03-2011
7 The Evolution of TDL: Conquering x64 30-03-2011
8 ZeroAccess – an advanced kernel mode rootkit 09-07-2011(?)
9 Exploring the Blackhole Exploit Kit xx-03-2012
10 sKyWIper: A complex malware for targeted attacks 28-05-2012
11 Tales from Crisis, Chapter 1: The dropper’s box of tricks 06-08-2012
12 Analysis of the FinFisher Lawful Interception Malware 08-08-2012
13 Tales from Crisis, Chapter 2: Backdoor’s first steps 20-08-2012
14 Tales from Crisis, Chapter 3: The Italian Rootkit Job 21-08-2012
15 Full Analysis of Flame's Command & Control servers 17-09-2012
16 Alanysis Report (Backdoor.Win32.Banito) 24-03-2013
17 Analysis of the FBI Tor Malware xx-04-2013
18 The Powerloader 64-bit update based on leaked exploits 27-08-2013
19 Unveiling “Careto” - The Masked APT xx-02-2014
23 CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk 18-09-201
24 Protecting the Software Supply Chain: Deep Insights into the CCleaner Backdoor 04-10-2017
25 Gazing at Gazer: Turla’s new second stage backdoor xx-08-2017
26 LOJAX: First UEFI rootkit found in the wild, courtesy of the Sednit group xx-09-2018


Nr URL Title/Description Date Author
1 https://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.... SpyDealer: Android Trojan Spying on More Than 40 Apps 06-07-2017 Wenjun Hu, Cong Zheng, Zhi Xu


Nr URL Title/Description Date Author
1 Advancing Mac OS X rootkit detection 2015 Andrew Case, Golden G. Richard III

Malware trackers

Nr URL Title/Description
1 Malware Domain List
2 ZeuS Tracker
3 SpyEye Tracker
4 MalwareURL - Website status verification
5 hpHosts Online - Simple, Searchable & FREE!
6 Virus Tracker

Online malware analysis

Nr URL Title/Description
1 Wepawet (JavaScript and Flash)
2 Check Reputation of Domains and Subdomains
3 Anubis is a service for analyzing malware
4 An Automated Malware Binary Analysis Service
5 Comodo Instant Malware Analysis
6 Ether: Malware Analysis via Hardware Virtualization Extensions
7 Scan URL for malicious activities
8 Submit a Suspicious File for a FREE Malware Analysis
9 Submit Your Sample To ThreatExpert
10 Examine PDF online
11 Malware Analysis System
12 VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs

Tools & Projects

Nr URL Title/Description
1 Malware hunting tool
2 Malware and attack trace collection daemon
3 Pure python honeyclient implementation
4 Automatic Analysis of Malware Behavior
5 WinMHR - Free Malware Detector - Team Cymru
6 Quickly check downloaded files against Team Cymru's malware database with just one click!
7 Stoned Bootkit - The official site of Stoned Bootkit
8 SARVAM: Search And RetrieVAl of Malware
9 Malwasm was designed to help people that do reverse engineering
10 Cuckoo Sandbox is a malware analysis system
11 Sharing reverse engineering knowledge
12 Free OSX Security Tools
13 Malpedia

Online self-check

Nr URL Title/Description
1 The DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG)


Nr URL Title/Description
1 Reverse-Engineering Malware Cheat Sheet
2 Huge list of blogs
3 Very latest hot file names used by malware
4 The Case of the Malicious Autostart
5 Exploit Pack Table

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